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letecke_mesto.jpgThe city of Kysucké Nové Mesto (358 MSL) is located in the northwest of Slovakia, just  on the right bank of the Kysuca River. Geologically, this area is surrounded by the Javorníky Mountains and Kysuce Highlands with its highest peak, the Ľadonhora Hill (999 MSL). The Tábor Hill with its 697 MSL is the dominant feature of the city. The city covers an area of 26,41km2 with city population of 15 163 inhabitants. The first written recorded history is dated back to 1254.
Architecturally most treasured monuments of Kysuce region is the historical core of the city, as it serves as unique one of a kind historically preserved. The houses and their remarkable arcades were built in the 17th century. The house No 164, originally built in renaissance style in the early 17th century, is located in the middle of the city square. The city square was most notated as a place of seasonal markets and annual St. Jacob the Less fair days. The St. Jacob fair days tradition is dated back to 1666 and remains a traditional and cultural part of the city life. The statue of St. Johannes Nepomuk is located in the middle of the town square and is dated back to 1761.
kostol_sv_jakuba.jpgThe St. Jacob Church was built in 1284 in Gothic style. It is listed as the oldest church in the Kysuce region.  The church was destroyed in 1431 by the Jan Hus troops, later by the Great fire of Kysucké Nové Mesto in 1904. The church was rebuilt in Neo Roman style in 1906. The calvary statue dated of late 18th century is located in the side chapel of the church.

Mariansky kostol.JPGThe former chapel of St. Virgin Mary was rebuilt as St. Virgin Mary Church in early 19th century. The clergy house was destroyed by the Great fire of Kysucké Nové Mesto. Later, it was rebuilt in 1904.



Budova starého pivovaru (1).jpgThe old-town brewery “U Bociana” is located on the No 4 Jesenský Street. It was built in late 17th century. The originally late renaissance building with well-preserved sgraffito remnants was rebuilt in upcoming decades.  The houses on Belanský Street were built in Baroque style in early 17th century.


rieka_Kysuca.jpgKysucké Nové Mesto is surrounded by beautiful nature of high mountains, creeks, forests and Kysuca River. The Kysuce Protected Landsacpe Area is one of the 14 protected landscape areas in Slovakia. The area of Rochovica, Brodnianka and Ľadonhora are located nearby the city.  The protected area Kysucká brána is located between Brodnianka and Rochovica Hills. There are many possibilities for hiking and vigorous walks. For recreational purposes, fishing, gardening and mushroom hunting are very popular. The Kysuce observatory located in Dolinský potok offers activities as observation of the starry sky and occasional observing of unusual sky phenomena and objects. The walkings along the Kysuca River banks  are also very popular.

The mid-July St. Jacob fair days count as most popular event and attraction. The town square and nearby streets offer many stalls of craft, foods and handmade goods as well as fun fair with carousels. These are very popular especially among young adult generation. The program representing the cultural heritage is an important part of St. Jacob fair days. It is supported by local and twin cities artists, and offers diversity of both traditional and modern dance groups and folk music ensembles. 
Another one of the most popular culinary events is the so-called Najlepší kysucký guláš competition. It is held in the late September/early October. The competitors do their best while preparing their special goulash recipes, which are first properly judged, then tasted and finally consumed.

The City Kysucké Nové Mesto has the right to hold and use emblems, which are: the Coat of Arms of the City Kysucké Nové Mesto, the Seal of City Kysucké Nové Mesto, the Flag of City Kysucké Nové Mesto and  the City Mayor’s Insignia.
The Coat of Arms represents heraldic symbols of St. Jacob the Less. It consists of green shield charged with a silver St. Jacob statue in the middle, him holding a flax straw. The Coat of Arms of City Kysucké Nové Mesto with its hagiographic motif of St. Jacob the Less is dated back to 17th century

pecat mesta.jpgThe Seal of City Kysucké Nové Mesto
The origin of the Seal of City Kysucké Nové Mesto is dated back to 1416. It represents St. Jacob the Less, the patron saint of linen-weavers. He is holding a flax straw covered by heavy cloth and bears an inscription stating SIGILIUM: DE: NOVA: CIVITATE. Original silver seal was located in the town hall of Kysucke Nove Mesto till 1938. Currently, the seal is located in the  Slovak National Museum in Martin.

mestské insígnie, 2015.jpgThe Flag of City Kysucké Nové Mesto
The snipped banner is divided in stripes of green, white, green.



retazprimátora.jpgCity Mayor’s Insignia
The City Mayor’s  chain wears a badge enscripted The Mayor of Kysucke Nove Mesto.



mestsky_urad_d (3).jpgContact
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